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ice skating | Degersjön

Some lovely friends gave Rosie some ice skates (thank you Karin!) and today we went out to the lake close to our house to give them a  try! Rosie was in heaven and loved every minute.

Aggie discovered old lingonberries and blueberries on the edge of the lake. That kept her mind off being so cold!

Being in the middle of a  frozen lake is such a  surreal feeling.  We love it!

Time for us all to get some skates.

last year | 20 years

Last week Dave and I were married 21 years.

Reflecting on where on earth the last year went took me back to December 2015.

A year ago we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a  ceremony on our little property.   With us were close friends and family and neighbours who we love.    It couldn’t have been a  more perfect thing.  I would say that it took me a  year to do anything with these photos because it made me miss everyone too much!!

Dave singing to me as I walked “down the aisle” (“What I have to Offer” –  Eels)

My favourite celebrant Jill Harper (who over the last 8 years I had the privilege of working LOTS with)

Our fabulous kids and Aggie being part of it with us.

Sarah making me look a  little less normal!

Having dear friends like Susan help me with all the flowers and we must not forget my  darling girlfriends for giving me a  “hens night”.

Oscar playing the guitar for Dave’s song.

Mum, Sarah and my other beautiful friends helping with the food.

Remi directing everyone in their cars.

Alison snapping the pics.

I always wanted to have a real little wedding of our own, with vows written to each other and things said that was just about us. I knew the exact spot…. even when a  huge tree fell down behind it!   So we mowed, got rid of jack jumper nests, made the stick backdrop.  Dave chopped up birch trees for the food table and sanded a  long plank of wood for hours for the cheese.   We got new rings to replace the original $90 one I lost.  I found a  dress from Hello Gorgeous Vintage made in 1975.  I even bought the awesome pews from a brides Dad because they were perfect! The yummiest of breads from Lili at Apiece .   I want to do it all over again.

21 years is a lot!  I’m so grateful in that time that Dave has let me be ME.  That we have changed together, that we have given each other space to change and love what the other has changed into. Yep, life comes with lots of jumbled up knots but together we have always somehow untangled the knots and worked pretty well together. We have 4 amazing kids to have along on the journey and I’m looking forward to what each new year brings.

You can click on this link for the song Dave sang to me

Samantha Jenkins - Can’t even tell you how much I love this. So beautiful chels xx
Anthony and I talk about doing this all the time. So please be back in tassie in 12 years time hehe! X

Jessica Cole - Oh my gosh, Chelsea this ceremony looks amazing just through the photos you can tell how full of love that day would have been for you ad dave and you family and loved ones!
I love the photos of you and dave, I have alway admired you guys as a couple. congratulations on 21 years of marriage!
Your property in tassie from the photos looked amazing and your new home in Sweden looks so adorable! you have such a talent with finding the simple beauty things in life, love your photography.
lots of love to you and your gorgeous family!

care package

I seriously have the best friends ever.  I’m not blaming them for my homesickness, but their friendship has been one of the hardest things to have left.  Today in the mail arrived a  care package from Anna.  I was so happy carrying it across my icy driveway.  Inside, Hattie helped me open it and there were wafts of essential oil reminding me instantly of them. As I opened the lid and started looking at everything I started to cry and cry and cry.  Anna had organised a  care package from all my friends from Margate that I love.  I love that they had to do a  re pack cause it meant Beck got her love in there late and the whole thing smelled of lavender!!    It’s been 2 hours since it arrived and I still haven’t opened a  thing because right now I’m just so happy with the little strands of everyones hair! I’m going to slowly open them and miss and love you all even more x   Anna, Susan, Beck, Emma, Caroline, Angela (all the kisses and love that filled the spaces) (and all my favourite girls) I love you.  You have no idea how it smells like ALL of you xxxx


Friends and Lake Degersjön | Sweden

It is so fantastic to have our 4th lot of Australian visitors this year (bearing treats from Nanna).  We feel so lucky that Amy, Rhys, Lisa and little Chelsea have come all this way and especially at this time of year.  Today was thick fog all day but it was unbelievably beautiful at “our” little lake Degersjön.  The lake was a white void and just so beautiful.  A  trip to Sweden is not complete without a smokey campfire, marshmallows, pepparkakor, chocolate,  super cheap brie cheese, and sourdough bread.  Now if I can just make sure they miss their flight home and keep them  ox




Leonie Goodwin - These photos are just stunning. Beautiful photos of my great niece Chelsea, my nephew and his wife Rhys and Amy, and my niece Lisa.