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River Walk | Innertavle, Sweden

Gorgeous day today and the days are getting brighter which is so nice.

We went for a  walk to the river.

Piggy backs, long jumping, hiding in little caves, collecting tiny pine cones, lifting heavy pieces of ice, no jackets because it was hey only 0 degrees, and lots of goofing around!

Ice Fishing | Silviken, Sweden

Earlier in the week we had some lovely friends Carina and Henrik invite us ice fishing.  What an experience!

With their friends and family we all got on snow mobiles and headed along paths to an open freeway!  The river.  Such an exhilarating feeling zooming along the snow with a  gang of head lights behind you.

Drilling holes, tiny fishing rods, scooping out the frozen ice, fika on the ice, the kids finding animal tracks and having so much fun following tracks, Rosie’s excitement when she declared she saw a  fish.  So much fun …

I was chatting the other day with one of the kids about how much it means to me that people go out of their way to invite our family to join their circle of friends and family. We have really been treated with so much kindness since coming here.   I hope that I can be that kind and welcoming back.  Moving to another country, not knowing anyone, is a crazy experience.  You start with zero friends and it is a  beautiful thing to be able to look back at the short time here and see the friendships made already.

annette Clark - Wow what and adventure …did you catch any fish ??? it looks so cold though ….did you have hot chocolate in the thermos to sup on ?? hugs always Nanna XXX

chelseap - Hot choccie and treats. It was about 1 degree so not too cold. No fish Nanna!

exploring with Bethan

Bethan, Aggie and I had a nice little explore today to lake Mjösjön where we saw two old grave mounds and a grave  which is marked by stones in the shape of a  ship.   We enjoyed wandering around the ruins, forest and lake there.

With the sun only coming up a  little above the trees and then heading back down again we get such beauiful light in the middle of the day.  And today the sky was such a  pretty pink.

After the lake we drove out to the sea for a  look.  Chunks of ice on the beach and snow is  a little different to the weather in Australia right now.   We had  a laugh at the white snow almost looking like Tasmanian sand… 

ice skating | Degersjön

Some lovely friends gave Rosie some ice skates (thank you Karin!) and today we went out to the lake close to our house to give them a  try! Rosie was in heaven and loved every minute.

Aggie discovered old lingonberries and blueberries on the edge of the lake. That kept her mind off being so cold!

Being in the middle of a  frozen lake is such a  surreal feeling.  We love it!

Time for us all to get some skates.