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Erika + Gustav | At their home | Innertavle, Umeå

The  Erika and Gustav goodness keeps on going……

A  week after their wedding we had more fun at their home.

Erika and Gustav are restoring a  beautiful old home and surrounding it are red barns and buildings that completely embody “Sweden” for me.  Plus the forest behind their home is gorgeous.  We feel so lucky to have met these fabulous people and love having them as our friends now.  Their sphynx cats are an added bonus for my kids!

Rosie in the snow | Innertavle, Umeå

With the snow falling down, making our little world white, Rosie and I crossed the road into the forest for some exploring.

Bethan’s blue jumper found at the op shop today was the choice of wardrobe! And Hattie kindly let her wear her white hat.

I would say we stopped nearly 10 times to get the snow out of Rosie’s boots…

Lorraine Mars - Love Rosie, the snow and the blue jumper!

night ice skating | Innertavle skolan

Most soccer pitches at schools in Sweden get turned into ice skating rinks in the winter.  A  tractor comes and sprays water every now and again and gets the ice perfect for skating.  There’s a timer  button to turn the lights on at night.  The kids are getting better and better at it and the main thing…. having fun.


over the fields and far away | Innertavle, Umeå

Yesterday Bethan, Hattie, Aggie and I went exploring with a thermos of tea and some slice.  Over the fields, across the creek, through the forest, following deer trails, making our own tracks, around the edge of the swamp, back through the forest and back home over the field…. there may have even been a creek I fell through!  There are so many different landscapes as you wander through the forests here.  There wasn’t much snow and in the forests none.  But that’s changed since I wrote this and we now have a  thick white cover of snow over everything.

Erika + Gustav | Sävargården, Umeå, Sweden

On Saturday I was so lucky to shoot my first wedding here in Sweden!  After shooting weddings for 8 years in Australia and having the last 9 months off I was a little nervous!  But once I was there with my camera in my hands it was like riding a bike.

Erika + Gustav are perfect and I am lucky enough to have them as neighbours (through the forest) and hopefully now as friends.

We got together before the ceremony in the beautiful grounds of the Holmsund church to take some couple photos.  My first time taking portraits of a  bride in the snow.  Erika was so perfect wiht her beautiful little baby bump showing!    Swedish brides are tough… zero degrees and she didn’t feel the cold!I loved spending this time with them and their wonderful family and friends.

Their dinner was held at the beautiful Sävargården.  A  very traditional Swedish building with the yummiest food ever.  Did I mention how much I love wedding food!!  Im so grateful to have been part of this day.

Hopefully this is the first of many beautiful weddings I get to be part of in Sweden…

Cassandra Kuru - Love, love, LOVE!!! Just beautiful Chelsea… I just adore your photographic style! Loving your Sweden adventures ?

Fiona Giltjes - Gorgeous Chelsea. Always love your beautiful photography. Sweden is so lucky to have you and we are blessed to have you continue to share your work with us. Xx

Brenda - Lovely. Just lovely Chels. You always capture the magic!

Georgia - Just gorgeous Chels! Did you learn some new traditions- I’m intrigued by the shoes although I LOVE her boots. So glad to see you are back doing what you do so well.