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stinky cheese in Switzerland

Switzerland means… Jana… and cheese!

Jana joined Dave and I from New York.  It had been 5 years since I last saw her!  Much excitement…..

Berries by the side of the road, stinky cheese and the best bread I have ever had to go with the stinky cheese (and a  milder one that was yum)

A quick drive through Lichtenstein and then into Austria and so many tunnels I started to feel like I was in a  time warp.

A  night in a  little town and lots of rain.  A  squashed frog on the road which Hattie would love I was sure of.

A little wander into  the Austrian Alps where the water looks like someone has added milk to it!

Rain will stop!


Lisa - Divine! Love the rich green greens and your yellow cardi! x

Bron - twas yum to have summer berries huh.the raspberries we had in france were divine.
we ate way too much baguette too 🙂 switzerland looks look like you are on the set for sound of music 🙂 great you could escape the bustle and walk in the woods etc 🙂 sorry to hear you were crook.good memories nonetheless huh .love ya xo

Zurich, Switzerland

At the end of July I went on a  trip.  It was  such a great time to get away, while my work was quiet.  My amazing Mum and Dad looked after the girls while I went and unfortunately all of them got really sick the whole time.  So it was a  mammoth effort from Mum and Dad and Im so grateful to them.   And just as luck would have it I got sick just as I was leaving so probably infected half of Europe with whatever I had.

First stop was Zurich, Switzerland where Dave met me after a Conference he was at the week before.

I should have taken a  pic of myself wandering around Zurich in black clothes and black boots in 35 degree weather…. my suitcase made a  layover in Hong Kong while I sweltered away.

Dave and I really enjoyed wandering around, chuckling every time we saw an “Ausfahrt” sign  knowing what Hattie would think!

Aunty G - Finally! Does this mean your other blog is defunct now?

Bron - We were in germany last week. Saw the ausfart sign. Hahha what does it mean anyway ? They really need to change that one haha. Gooden evenignin 🙂 xo

Red Rosie at night

Rosie is our number 4.  The one who still happily wants to come where ever Im going.

She is pretty punky, sweet, loud and never does what you ask, especially when trying out new camera gear and lights in the dark!

Rosie Posie!

Lisa - These are SO cute….and your night light skills are rad! x

Sarah H - I’m always amazed at how much your Rosie looks like my Lauren. I don’t have many pics on my fb page that shows it, but they could easily pass as sisters – same hair color, same soft eyes, same expressions and looks to have similar quirky personality….my kidlet has blue eyes, but so very similar in many visual ways. They’re beautiful baby girls, Chels.

Nicole + Sam | wedding at Stewarts Bay Lodge, Port Arthur

Nicole and Sam got married at Stewarts Bay Lodge, Port Arthur. It was one of those days where the clouds press down from the sky and you can almost touch them…. but it was a  fantastic day, a really relaxed and fun day, full of celebrating, wonderful people, fun stories, great food and wandering around Port Arthur in the dark!  I am so thankful for high ISO’s and flash!!  I simply adored Nicole’s grandparents and wanted to spend an afternoon shooting them!  … and the baby…. so precious x


Georgia - Mushroom photo- GASP!
Photos of Port Arthur- so beautiful they make me want to weep.
It’s funny how we all want photos taken of us when we are young and beautiful, but the most treasured photos for us are of our grandparents exactly how we remember them.
Gorgeous photos Chels, and I thought the silvery grey of the bridesmaid’s dresses worked perfectly with the colours of the day.