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Erika’s maternity photos | Umeå Sweden

It’s pretty awesome that my first bride in Sweden, Erika, has become my wonderful friend!  And she doesn’t mind me taking photos of her which is a bonus! I’m looking forward to meeting her little one soon x   If you know anyone in Umeå looking for a  photographer, feel free to pass on my name!

Nettie - Erika looks just so beautiful…an exciting and wonderful time for her about to welcome their new baby….but cant help thinking how cold her feet were standing in the frosty forest (was that frost or just tundra moss)

Anna - Such a perfect and beautiful!

Catie - Such pretty photos.

High Coast Walk Sweden | Höga Kusten Sverige

Easter Monday we took a  two hour drive south to the High Coast of Sweden.  We entered the National Park from the south entrance and did an 8km walk.  About 1km in Rosie stepped in a  bog, as you do, and I went back to the car to get her boots and spare socks.  I somehow took a  different path to Dave, Bethan and Rosie and we didn’t meet up till half way.  It was a  good thing that Dave took a  map and my phone came into range so I could call him!  But I did love the walk with just Aggie!  The views were incredible.  We even had light snow. Cant wait to go back and do some longer walks.

London | UK trip with Hattie

The last weekend of our trip was spent with dear friends Tracey, Ed and Lily.  Tracey and I were good friends in Tassie and I also took photos of her amazing graphic design work in and around Hobart. Hattie was great friends with Lil at Primary school.  They moved to London 2 years ago and my was it good to catch up again. So much talking and enjoying hanging out again.  Visiting the Natural History Museum, a  bit of complaining about all the walking, eating at the local pub, walks around Hackney where they live along the canal,   through the park, going to a flower market, a food market, eating at their favourite little restaurant in China town, doing a night walk to Big Ben and seeing Buckingham Palace (which didn’t look like a  palace to Hattie!), always eating YUMMO food!  I loved experiencing life in the big city, riding buses and tubes and enjoying a  different way of life.  Can’t wait to get back and spend a  little more time doing some “Mum” things with Tracey!!!  Thanks for having us Tracey, Ed and Lil.  Love you guys xx

Sheffield | UK Trip with Hattie

Apologies for the long blog post but wanted to share pics from a trip Hattie and I took to England last week for her 12th birthday. So excited to be able to just hop on a  few planes for under 4 hours of flying and a train ride and hang out with family and friends.

We left Umeå in the morning with the thermometer reading -18 celsius… and arrived to London where Hattie’s choice of clothing for the day (bare legs) was more appropriate… 10 degrees!

The first half  of our trip was up to Sheffield/The Peak District to stay with Dave’s family.  We had a quick tube trip to St Pancras (which I always thought was pronounced PancrEas!!) to get a  train to Sheffield. Hattie got to meet for the first time her awesome cousins there and couldn’t have been happier. When Dave was 4 years old his Mum and Dad and the kids moved to Australia.  It’s been wonderful over the years to stay in touch with them, with the occasional visit.  We are hoping to have many more of these quick trips over to see them because they are THE BEST.

We had fun trips with Emma, Uncle Pat, Rich, Helena, Chris, Laura, and Uncle Mick to Chesterfield to see all the places Great Grandad/Grandma, Jack and Lyn have lived and even where Dave was born. A visit to the grave of Dave’s grandparents, the Chesterfield crooked spire church, pressuring Uncle Pat into paying for parking!, a walk out in the Peak District to a  rock we never found (we wont name names about someone not wanting to walk there),  a day wandering the shops in Sheffield and eating yummy curry (I wish you could hear how Sheffield-ers say “curry”…coo-ray), hunting for books in a quirky little book shop, and a wander around Bakewell visiting sweetie shops!     Getting together with nearly all of the family for a  fun dinner and celebration for Mel’s birthday where we played indoor hockey and just had a  brilliant time chatting with everyone.  Being able to have like minded conversations with family was wonderful xx  To Emma and Rich, we love you guys for having us.  Thank you xx