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riding around Holmön Sweden

A few days ago Rosie and I (and Aggie) headed over to the Island Holmön for a day trip. With Aggie in the front basket we spent hours riding along the little roads, swimming, laughing at how all the old Volvos were here on the island. We were going to catch up with my neighbours Matilda and Peter but I forgot my phone but we were lucky to pass Peter heading out to collect fish.  We were also given rough directions by two lovely ladies at a  roadside loppis (garage sale).  Matilda’s Mum was baking special Swedish bread, Peter took us for a  ride on the back of the VW ute to visit the lighthouse and church, ice cream, coffee and cake were eaten and friendships were enjoyed.

Georgia - Gorgeous photos as always Chels!!!

Allana’s visit to Umeå

Two weeks ago my bestie Allana, got on the plane and flew back to Hong Kong!  We had a  brilliant little whirlwind of a  time with her and are so so happy she came to Sweden! She always spoils us with fun treats and we all had fun drinking rose tea the whole time she was here! We tripped up the river to Mårdseleforsen, south to the High coast, rode bikes along the river to the Arboretum, and of course made stuff!  This time we attempted macrame wall hangings!  Until next time my dear friend xxxx

Allana - Yaaaaaaaaay I love love loved exploring your new beautiful home but most of all I loved sipping tea with you all! Miss you all loads and loads. Until next time… x

Walk around Storön | Sweden

… complete with reindeer!

Johanna’s little home town village was nostalgic.  I loved hearing of things she did as a kid, the fish factory where she worked in the summer holidays, the beach she swam at, the island her and her sister camped on, the crazy things they got up to.  As we walked around the village she pointed out the old house that was  a morgue, the suzuki truck that made the soccer pitch into an ice skating rink in the winter, stories of interesting families, with beautiful memories of her Dad helping the ones less noticed. And then a  reindeer walked across the road in front of us!!!  The last photos here are saying goodbye to Johanna and her Mom.   It was a tearful goodbye as Mom loved Aggie so much. She spoiled her with treats and kisses and love xx

Trip to Storön with Johanna

Last week Hattie, Rosie and I headed north on a  little road trip (4 hours) to Storön, near Kalix, where we stayed with our friend Johanna at her dear Mum’s house.  The house Johanna grew up in.  Within minutes of arriving Rosie was dressing up in Johanna’s school graduation dress from many years ago. Making herself at home!

We had the best trip (and wet trip, and bumpy, back adjusting trip back!) out to Johanna’s family summer cabin on the little island of Likskär in a fantastic archipelago of islands in the north of the Gulf of Bothnia. We got to hang out with some of our favourite people, explore the island, barbeque and complain just a  little at the state of the summer weather! Rosie even spotted a  reindeer casually walking along the road and couldn’t resist following it!

It was  a wonderful few days relaxing, eating good food with Ing-Marie, Fredrick, Viktor, Ylva, Johanna and her Mom, Leif, and Ing’s pappa.

Thank you so much Johanna and Mom for having us, for spoiling Aggie with love  and being so wonderful xxx

Georgia - Gorgeous! Nice to see photos of Hats.

Day trippin’ with Aunty Jen | Sweden

A  fun day trip with Aunty Jenny to Laxhoppet where Dave was hoping once again to see the salmon jumping up the “stairs” but no such luck.  We did see one hanging out on a step though.   Love the lupins this time of year.  We also went to Vännfors Nature Reserve for a  little hike and on to the ice cream farm Glassbonden.  A  beautiful little spot with the yummiest of home made ice cream.